Cool Music School Teachers
Our teachers are highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in musical bands, music writing, playing, and recording.           
  David Nizri 
David has been tought as being among the foremost drummers in Israel. He has preformed on the recordings of some of the most prolific artists in the nation, playing to audiences of over 100,000 in some of the largest stadiums in Israel and the Mediterranean. He has studied amongst the greatest musicians, particularly percussionists, in Israel and here in the United States. David has performed across the United States and racked up critical acclaim for his performance with different renowned acts in fusion and Hard Rock.

Percussions/Drums Instructor
He has studied music theory and drums in F.I.U. For 4 years. 

  Edo Yanai 
Back to Israel - taught and recorded with various bands and Played in local jazz festivals. He returned to Boston in 1993 where he played and recorded with Jerry Bergonzi, Bruce Gerts, Bob Gollati, Bob Moses, Adam Nausbaum, Steve Swallow and Gorge Garzone. He toured Europe, played at jazz festivals and clubs in Sweden, Denmark, Austria and Germany, with Jerry Bergonzi and with the John Sievert Group. Edo recorded his first CD as a leader in the U.S.A.

Studied at "Berklee College of Music" (awarded the Jim Hall scholarship) and played at local jazz clubs.  

  Nathan Gad Cohen 
Nathan Gad Cohen served as a musician in the I.D.F. Orchestra. He Graduated from University of Miami in Music Theory, and FIU Master Degree in Music Productions. His first instrument is Trombone. He plays in local bands, and he is a Music Teacher in DPHDS.

Woodwinds, Keyboard/Piano

  Zohar Shahar 
Played music since the age of 5, studied with the best private teachers in Israel for many years. Graduated from University of Haifa for music degree in the late 70s since then had a music school in Israel, performed with big bands, had his own band, instructed youth bands for more than 25 years. Moved to America on 2000 - works as a Performing Arts and Music Director in DPHDS.

The Music Director and head of Music's Cool Day Camp. Acoustic guitar, Keyboard, and vocals.



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